Monday, August 9, 2010

Day One

Since it has been blogcades since my last post, I'm not sure if anyone will read this...hellloooo there.  Anybody??? Are you there???  If you're reading this...WELCOME TO NIKALAND!

Today, I started a detox program with goals of emerging lighter, both physically and mentally.  Lately, I have been feeling really heavy; burdened with ambition and optimism.  It's funny how positive emotions, like negative ones, can become leeches that suck your energy tank dry.  To kill the leeches and kick-off the detox, I rushed over to Arden's Garden for a 'grand slam': four 2 oz. shots, including wheatgrass, ginger, lemon, and cranberry.  The juicer (what do you call a lady who makes and sells juice, lol??) told me that Arden's is now offering a more potent version of ginger called 'Ginger Gold'.  Immediately, I envisioned feeling like Wonderwoman after trying the Ginger Gold...WRONG!  OMG!  GingerGold is GingerHotAsHell.  I think I have a permanent scar on my esophagus from the liquid fire I poured down my tract.  Pyromaniacs, stop by your local Arden's and pick up a bottle of Ginger Gold!  You'll thank me later.

So far, Day One has been relatively thoughts of dancing burgers or singing pizzas.  I will finish the day with a few Arden's classics, like Oops and Salad in Glass...stay tuned for Day Two!


Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hey lovelies!  Its been forever since my last post, so I'm excited to announce my return to Sincerely, Nika.  I'm working on a fabulous new layout, which I will launch later this week.  Thanks for following my blog and stay tuned for upcoming posts.
Until then, here's a video that makes my heart melt...I couldn't resist sharing it with you.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Black Men in the age of President Obama

This weekend, CNN, HLN, and ESSENCE Magazine will take an unprecedented look at President Obama's impact on black men one year after his historic election.  This special report will be hosted by Richelle Carey and Don Lemon and will air as follows:
Saturday, October 31 at 10PM ET
Sunday, November 1 at 7PM ET
Monday, November 2 THROUGH
Friday, November 6 at 4PM ET
Will you watch?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ESSENCE Empowerment Conference

If you're in the Chicago area this weekend, check out the 2009 ESSENCE Empowerment Conference.  This powerful one-day event is filled with seminars to help us:

*Transform our finances
*Transition to a new career
*Launch, nuture, and grow a business
*Network effectively; and
*Create personal brands

Guest speakers include Mellody Hobson (President, Ariel Investments and Financial Contributor, ABC's Good Morning America), Cheryle Robinson Jackson (U.S. Senate Candidate, IL), and Marshawn Evans, Esq. (Innovation Expert, ME Unlimited LLC).  For more information and to purchase tickets, visit

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Monica fans the wait is over! She is back and ready to release her fifth studio album in December.  Last night, a song called 'Everything to Me' leaked on the internet and it proves that Monica is indeed Still Standing...listen to the snippet below and let me know what you think in the comments section.
zSHARE - Everything to me.mp3


So, I'm sitting at my desk silently chanting my workday mantra "Divakeepittogetheryoureallyneedthisjob....Divakeepittogetheryoureallyneedthisjob" when I receive an email from Lady Chitra with a link to the fabulous shoe pictured above.  Now I know you divas are probably thinking "What the blankblank kinda shoe is that and why is Nika saying this big boat shoe is fabulous?"  (I know what you're thinking because I can feel it in my blogger veins.) Well, ladies take a closer look because the shoe is a BATHTUB!!!  Yes ma'am, its a divatub and I want one.  Call me crazy, but I want to luxuriate in the big shoe!  I want to fill the shoe with Calgon and Calgonacise...I want to make the bath & the body work in a shoe.  Divas, I know its a bit much... its waaaay over the top and then over that top, but I don't care.  I think its fabulous!  So,  If anyone asks"What does Nika want for Xmas?", you know what to say.  She wants a big shoe!

These fabulous bathtubs are created by Italian designer Massimiliano Della learn more about the designer and to see more of his amazing designs, visit